The overall objective of the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (CI5) series is to make available comparable data on cancer incidence from as wide a range of geographical locations worldwide as possible. Traditionally, this has been through publication of a volume containing tabulations of cancer incidence rates at approximately five year intervals. The volumes contain three basic elements:

  • tabulations from individual registries presenting incidence rates according to sex, age group, and cancer site;
  • summary tables permitting comparisons between registries;
  • tables presenting indices of the validity and completeness of the different contributions. Each volume has seen substantial innovation with a view to providing more information while preserving the basic core data and layout. The cancer registries that have provided the data are members of the International Association of Cancer Registries.

The material accessible through this application contains the basic data published in the 12 volumes of CI5. In order to present this data within the same application, a common Cancer dictionary has been defined, so that some cancer sites are not available for all registries.

The successive volumes and the corresponding data (number of cases by age-group, sex, cancer sites including morphological subtypes and the corresponding population at risk) are available in PDF format.


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Cancer Surveillance Branch, IARC, October 2023.